ESX Inventory HUD for FiveM RP

Get custom ESX inventory HUD UI for FiveM RP and change the whole look. With these custom made inventory HUDs, you can tweak the design to anything you want it to be.

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custom ESX inventory for FiveM RP

What’s The Inventory HUD?

GTA V allows you to accumulate many items in your inventory, and you can select them at any time in your gameplay. These can include weapons, cash, and other valuable items. They will come in handy in the course of your gaming, as you can use them to complete missions or get an added advantage over other players.

Getting some of these items, such as cash, can be challenging as you will need to complete missions before they can be added to your inventory. The FiveM inventory HUD will, however, help you in this process.

What does the FiveM inventory HUD do?

This script is created to help you generate the inventory you need for the game. When you run it, it will allow you to select the items you want to be added to the game, and they will be ready to use in no time. This is convenient as you won’t have to travel through the map trying to find these items.

You can now focus on your gameplay and complete missions in single or multiplayer mode faster.


Cash addition

The only way to get money on GTA V is by robbing or completing missions. These will, however, not give you a huge money supply as you would want. Money is important in the game as you can buy houses, vehicles, and many more. The feature will increase the money in your inventory significantly, and you can play the game with a full account. This allows you to buy anything you need.

Weapons support

Weapons will help you counter enemy attacks and complete missions easily. This feature will add all the weapons in the game to your inventory, and you can switch between them whenever you want to. As a result, you now have more options to play with, and your gameplay will get interesting. It will also make you effective in missions.

Dropping items you don’t need

This feature ensures you always have enough room to get new items as you play. In addition, once you are done using an item, you can easily drop it to create additional space in your inventory. This allows you to get the items you need most for the game, which will help you throughout your gameplay.

Use another player’s inventory

This is an option on multiplayer matches that allows you to use inventory from other players. So, for example, if you run out of ammo in the middle of a mission, you can get some from other players on your server thanks to this feature. It is thus convenient and ensures you are always efficient throughout the game.

Easy shop integration

This feature allows you to shop for items you need in the game easily. Once you select them, they will be added to your inventory, and you can use them. These include clothes, weapons, or cars. In addition, the feature saves you time as you navigate through the game map.

Can you use FiveM inventory HUD on your server?

FiveM allows you to make all these changes in the game on your hosted server. You can thus personalize all aspects of the game and ensure your inventory is always full as you play. This will ensure you can enjoy the game more.