Get a Custom FiveM UI

fivem custom ui bars

Enough was enough. We were tired of the boring user interface that GTA 5 had imposed on us. So, we conceived the idea to start FiveM Cartel, a customation website for frustrated gamers, bored by hours of repetitive and intensive gaming.

We all know that, quality games like GTA 5 are not released every other day. Once we are done with the basic missions and playing a few times with the lead characters, we tend to become bored. After few such attempts, the entire game loses its thrill as it becomes more and more predictable.

The only way to restore interest in the game is by adding mods and trainers. We, FiveM cartel are specialists at this job. Our undetectable trainers coupled with a dedicated server, do the entire job for you and allows real time online role playing.

Once the game has grown interesting, then what? Then comes the time to add personal touches to your game. If you are planning on doing so, we FiveM cartel is your best option.

custom UI for GTA V

Custom FiveM User Interface

One of the most interesting customization you can add to GTA 5 with our help is a custom UI, which is vibrant and completely different from the standard game UI. The choice of the UI is left to you, as we believe that you have the right to be a part of the creation itself. Based on your recommendation, we design personalized UI for your game id.

Let your friends boil with envy on seeing your creative and vibrant UI. Other than the chance of bettering your friends, we also offer the chance of improving your gaming experience by setting up a custom FiveM UI. Ever wondered, how professional gamers have aesthetically appealing UI's for their game profiles. By setting up a custom FiveM UI, you become a part of the elite FiveM community, with access to all our features.

This means, your gaming sessions will no longer remain ordinary. We assure you that, on getting a custom FiveM UI, your gaming is going to take a turn for the best.

Get A GTA 5 UI Designed Just How You Want It

A game UI, apart from looking gorgeous must also do its task properly. The task of the UI is to immediately transfer the user's attention to the gameplay itself. This is because, the gameplay is the actual part of the game the user has interest in.

What we are trying to say that, some UI developers, tend to focus too much on the UI and increase its functionality. This complicates matters further as time spend in the game should be spent playing the game rather than figuring out the functions of the UI.

We set ourselves apart by developing highly practical UI, which limit 'menu time' and increase 'game time'. We also understand the menu screen should not be completely bland, because it has to put a renewed interest regarding the game into the user.

For all practical purposes, we design catchy and simple UI with your inputs to suit your wildest imagination. If you ever get bored of the GTA 5 UI and want new one, don't forget to give us a call.