FiveM K9 Script (ESX)

Get this K9 script for FiveM RP and add police dogs to your server. This script works with ESX and will add 5 different K9 dogs. Try it out now!

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K9 dog script for FiveM GTA V

Add A K9 Dog Script to FiveM

Playing FiveM RP can get repetitive, and you need a way to create new and interesting experiences in the game. One of the easiest ways to achieve this is through FiveM mods. This modification on the game lets you create customized games and run them on your server. You can thus reimagine the game, create it and play however you would like. Thiss makes it entertaining and will ensure you can play the game for longer hours.

You can achieve this by running scripts for GTA V on FiveM, and its features will be reflected in the game. This allows you to create a script that fits your ambition and thus play the game better.

One of these reliable scripts is the FiveM K9 script for GTA V. This file lets you make changes to the dogs in the game, depending on your preferences. Since there are numerous dogs on the map, you can customize their features, breeds, and many more to make the game personalized for you.


Choosing dog model

This feature lets you choose the dog breeds you want in the game. There are several options for you, such as the husky, golden retriever, and many more. Once selected, all the dogs in the game will match those you have activated, and you can interact with them in the gameplay.

K9 color

This feature allows you to select your preferred dog color regardless of the model you selected before. You can thus select your preferred color blends for the dogs, making them stand out in the gameplay. This will also make the game interesting as you encounter them while playing.

The K9 can get into your vehicle

In previous GTA V gameplay, you can only interact with the dogs in the parks or on the streets. This feature allows you to get into your vehicle with the dog and travel around with it. Once you reach your destination, it will come out, and you can navigate through the game with it. This makes the game interesting as you can activate the defensive features on the dog through the K9 menu.


This feature on the FiveM K9 script lets you select targets for your dog to bite. This will come in handy when playing through touch missions as it will help you take down these players. You can thus advance through the game better and faster. These attacks can be minor or vicious, depending on the options you select from the menu.

Can you get banned for using the FiveM K9 script?

In most games, the anti-cheat software will detect cheating by scanning the integrity of the game files. If they are altered, it will flag your account as having cheated in the game.

When using the FiveM K9 script, however, this doesn’t happen as it will not interfere with the game files. You can thus make these changes to the game and have a good time as you navigate through the map.