FiveM Jobs Script (ESX)

Download this awesome jobs script for FiveM RP and transform your server. This script will let players choose any type of job like mechanic, garbage worker and much more.

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FiveM mechanic worker

What’s Job Script?

Taking up jobs is one of the ways to raise money on GTA V. although some of these jobs don’t pay much, you can still play them as you wait on bigger missions. These jobs also offer alternative gameplay as you can enjoy navigating through the map as you change between these jobs.

However, the jobs feature is not available from the game’s developers, and you need to have the FiveM jobs script before you can explore this aspect of the game. Nevertheless, it makes the game entertaining, and you can now break the cycle of going to missions every time you run the game.

How to use the FiveM jobs script on GTA V

This script is simple to execute in the game, allowing beginners to get the hang of it in no time. Furthermore, it offers the best features in the game as you get to customize your gameplay with every job you take up.

Once the script is running, it will bring up the jobs center on the map, and you can travel there. Once there, you will receive a menu with all the job options available on the map, and you can select your preferred job.

Once you do, its location will be highlighted on the map, and you can head there to begin. When you reach the location, your player will have a clothes change to correspond to the uniform used by workers in the area. You can now begin playing in these jobs, getting paid, and having a good experience on GTA V.

Some jobs include being a cop, firefighter, lumberjack, mafia boss, and many more options.


Job selection

This feature lets you select the job you would like to try out before you begin the game. It will bring up a menu of all the available jobs, and you can select one that works best for you. In addition, you can switch between jobs anytime you want to by simply going to the jobs center on the map and selecting your preferred job.

There is also an option to play the game as an unemployed character. All these make the game interesting and will give you additional activities to engage in.

Salary selection

This feature aims to help you raise the money you need in the game faster while doing jobs. Here, you can select the amount you want to earn from the job, making the feature worthwhile. It is also easier than having to rob people or complete missions in the game. You can have all the money you need in a shorter time thanks to this jobs script feature.

You get the benefits of all the jobs

This feature lets you enjoy all the benefits that come with playing in a certain job. For example, if you are a cop, you can arrest people on the streets or stop traffic. You will also get a police cruiser to navigate with, and your wanted star levels will always remain constant. These benefits will extend to all the jobs in the game.

How can you select your preferred job?

All you have to do is move to the jobs center highlighted on the map. Here, you will get a list of all the jobs available, and you can select them, move to where they are located on the map, and begin playing. It is simple to make these configurations.