FiveM Jail Script (ESX)

Try out this FiveM ESX jail script and turn your server into a prison. This script includes prisoners and prison guards, choose your side.

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What’s Jail Script?

The FiveM jail script lets you play GTA V either as a cop or a civilian, navigating through the jail systems of Los Santos. You can run the script and play as a civilian or a law enforcement officer.

In these situations, you get to enjoy the features they offer to the game. It also allows you to access previously inaccessible areas on the map, thus ensuring you have the best experience as you play GTA V.


This script is packed with the right features. You can run it on single or multiplayer games on your server. Here are some of the features it offers in the game.

Putting people in jail

As you move through the map, you will likely encounter NPCs or other online players whose aim is to interfere with your missions. They could attack you as you play or steal your vehicles as soon as you get out. This feature on the FiveM jail script lets you easily add these players to jail, and they will remain there for the time you decide.

All you have to do is enter the jail command and type the player’s name, and they will be sent to prison immediately. Of course, you have to be playing in cop mode to activate this feature.

Updating jail time

When you add a player to the jail, the FiveM jail script will update you on the amount of time left before they are released. This will come in handy as you get to decide whether they have served enough time or you’d like to add on more time.

Furthermore, the FiveM jail script feature lets you update the jail time by increasing or decreasing it. You can thus control all the aspects of their jail time.

Breaking players out of prison

If one of the players in your server has been jailed and requests your assistance, this feature on the script will help you out. It is created to help you escape jail by teleporting in and out with the player you went to save.

You can also get them far from the prison to ensure their wanted level doesn’t rise. The player can thus resume the game as a free individual.

Anti-combat feature

This feature aims to ensure that once you jail a player, they cannot escape independently. They will remain in jail for as long as you want them to, thanks to this feature. It will ensure the jailing info is saved to their database, and this ensures even when they disconnect from the server, they will remain in the game jail. The feature makes the jailing script efficient and reliable.

Can you get banned for using the FiveM jail script?

No, your account cannot get banned for using the FiveM jail script in the game. The script will not interfere with your game files, making them undetectable. You can now run the script on the game and make all the changes you require with the FiveM jail script. This will make the game entertaining, and you get more control over players.