FiveM House Script (ESX)

Does your players need a place to live? Get this FiveM house script and turn a ton of GTA V buildings into livable homes.

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apartment building in FiveM RP

In GTA V, houses offer a location to save your games. Store your cars and have a relaxing experience away from the streets. These locations should always be comfortable enough as you will spend many hours of your gameplay here. When you switch between characters, they will first go to the house before completing the process.

The house script for FiveM allows you to make the house better looking and add more furniture when you want to. You can now customize it to your liking to ensure you can easily navigate around and that you can always go back and enjoy the place when you need to. The features on the FiveM house script will help you with all these.


Furnish your house

This feature allows you to drive to the in-game store and buy the furniture you need for your house. In addition, you can redesign every aspect of the house and include new items in your space. This will add a personal touch to the game and will help you enjoy your house even more.

You will also play the game better as you can change any furniture you want to.

Sell houses at good deals

Selling houses is a good way to get money in the game when you need to. Since you have several houses, you can customize and sell some of these at higher prices. The FiveM house script allows you to enter the amount you want for the house, and your buyers will match it. This ensures you always have a good money supply as you navigate through the game and that you can buy anything you want.

Enable or disable lockpicking

This feature allows you to add additional security to houses in the game. The lock picking option can be disabled or enabled depending on your preference. You can thus walk into any house on the map or drive off with cars from any garage. This makes the game interesting, and you can traverse more of it in your gameplay.

Customize your houses

This feature lets you customize your houses and select your preferred ones. You can thus have a unique house and add all the features you want to. It allows your house to stand out from the rest and will ensure you get a good deal when you choose to resell it. This customization feature will also add a personal touch to your gameplay.

Store weapons in your home

In the game, the player carries all their weapons as they navigate through the game map. When your player respawns, however, you won’t have any weapons in your inventory. This feature on the FiveM house script allows you to store weapons in your furniture and select them when you need to. This ensures you are always armed and ready to face rival players.

How long does the script take to execute?

The house script executes immediately after you load it onto FiveM. This ensures you don’t have to sit through delays in your gameplay. You can thus use the script whenever you play the game and enjoy all the benefits it offers.