gcPhone v3 Script for FiveM ESX

Download the best phone script for FiveM – The gcPhone v3. This script is out now and available completely free, just download and install.

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gcPhone v3 FiveM ESX

What’s gcPhone?

The GCPhone V3 is a reliable tool to have in your inventory as you play GTA V. it helps you communicate with other in-game characters, take photos and post them onto the social network platform in the game. With this phone, you can complete objectives faster as you will always get a heads up from your contact list regarding happenings and how to navigate through them.

The FiveM GCPhone V3 script aims to make your phone better and reliable to ensure it delivers proper performance and that you can use it better. It will upgrade the features on the phone, and this will, in turn, make you a better GTA V player.


Customizing phone appearance

This feature lets you customize the appearance of your phone to include new skins and covers. For example, you can add your preferred cover to the phone, making it look better and adding a personal touch to the game. It also lets you customize the background on the phone by including your preferred themes and pictures.

Sending text messages

The FiveM GCPhone V3 feature makes communicating with other players on your server easier by allowing you to send texts. These will appear as notifications on their screen, ensuring they can read and respond to them in time. It will make your gaming better, and you can play as an effective team.

Anonymous voice calls

This feature allows you to call anyone on your contact list through the anonymous mode. It will hide your name, and you can thus deliver any message you want to.

The feature is reliable as you try to beat your competition or complete missions in the game. It also offers a fun prank to these players, and you are sure to get a good experience when you run the feature.

Customized application

This FiveM GCPhone V3 feature allows you to add custom applications to your phone. These include real applications such as Instagram and Twitter. You can now take pictures from anywhere you are on the map and post them to these platforms. It will work just like an actual phone, and you can interact with other players through the platforms. This makes the game realistic and fun to play.

A full contact list

The game tends to reduce the numbers on your contact list, and this feature will prevent that. You can thus add as many people as you want to your contact list and call or text them whenever you want to. It will make the game fun, and you will always be informed of happenings in the game world.

Customize your ringtones

This feature lets you add your preferred ringtones to the phone and switch between them whenever you want to. You can also adjust the tone volume on your phone with this feature and make the ringtones as loud or soft as you would like. This feature allows you to further personalize your gaming experience.

Is the GCPhone script easy to use?

The GCPhone V3 has a simple menu to select the aspects you want on your phone. You can thus toggle between the available options and settle on your preferred ones. This ensures you can personalize the game as much as you want to.