The Best FiveM Mod Menu

Download our undetected FiveM mod menu! This GTA 5 trainer adds tons of features to the FiveM mod and will take your gameplay to new and exciting heights. Here’s a quick overview of what this mod menu can do:

  • Player and map blips
  • Voice chat notifications
  • Show player name/weapon/health (ESP hack)
  • Spawn weapons and vehicles
  • Teleportation, and much more.
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Trainer Compatibility:

FiveM mod icon


GTMP Mod icon


Rage MP Mod icon

Rage MP

How to install the FiveM trainer:

  1. Download the zip file.
  2. Extract (drag and drop) the folder from inside the zip archive to your desktop or somewhere else on your PC.
  3. Start the “FiveM Mod Menu.exe” application in the folder.
  4. Start FiveM and enjoy!

How to use the trainer:

  • F1 opens menu
  • F2 opens noclip
  • F3 start recording / stop recording with save
  • DEL discard active recording
  • F4 teleports to map marker
  • NUMPAD8 menu up
  • NUMPAD2 menu down
  • NUMPAD4 menu left
  • NUMPAD6 menu right
  • NUMPAD5 select
  • NUMPAD0 back

Read lm-config.xml for other controls. You can edit all keys in this file.

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Mod menu can take your gaming experience to greater heights. The Grand Theft Auto 5 trainer/Mod menu can greatly enhance the gameplay by adding tons of features which are not allowed in the default game. Below are some of the many things you can do by installing trainers.

With the Mod menu running, you can alter the basic elements of the game:

  • Spawn vehicles
  • Edit maps
  • Teleport across the map
  • Get voice chat notifications
  • Get guns that shoot explosives (without the need to reload)
  • Become invincible
  • Control the weather

And that’s not all. There are many more things you can do with the mods. In short, you can play the game with god-like power, and create anything thing that comes into your mind.

A lot of GTA players who use trainers are usually seasoned gamers who want to experience more excitement and thrill. Wouldn’t it be great if you can buy any items in the game for free? With the Mod menu, you can simply do it. You can get access to infinite money.

FiveM Cartel mod menu settings
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What’s A Mod Menu (Trainer)?

If you’re an intermediate level gamer, you may already know what Mod menu is, how it works, and how to download and install it. Mod menu is basically a sort of a computer program which enhances GTA 5/FiveM by allowing the player to gain access to special abilities or powers.

In other words, a Mod menu is the games extra add-ons which grant the users or players to do amazing things in the game. For instance, with the Mod menu, you can get access to supernatural-like powers such as invincibility, or get unlimited ammo in the game.

Mods can also be defined as a trainer or glitches. Use of Mods is not considered hacking, as they don’t require programming language. But in order to Modify the Mods, the user must be comfortable with programming languages like C++ or Java.

How does a mod menu work?

For the starters, it can be quite difficult to fully understand how Mod menu works, but it’s also not a very complicated thing. You don’t have to be a qualified programmer who has lots of coding experience. Here is a simple explanation of how the Mod menu works.

Before we go any further, understand that Grand Theft Auto 5 is made up of a huge number of functions. It is because of the existence of those numerous functions. The game can be customized in any way the user or player so desires. All these functions can be found in the data structures, so what you’re actually doing by installing the Mods is that you’re changing the basic functions by replacing the values without disrupting the core structure of the game.

How to install and download our mod menu

Downloading and installing FiveM trainer is pretty straightforward. If you know how to download and install custom scripts on to your FiveM server, installing Mod menu or trainers should be a piece of cake.

Before you download the Mods, make sure you have FiveM installed. If you don’t have it, you can download it from the FiveM site. It’s free. And most importantly, we make sure that the Mods that you download from our FiveM server is undetected like the one at FiveM Cartel.

Installing the FiveM Mods can be done in a number of ways; we will discuss a few of them in details. Let’s take a look at the first method, which is probably the easiest way to download and install the Mods.

First Method

The first thing you have to do is find the Mods you want to download and acquire the files. When the download is complete, find the FiveM folder on your computer. Inside this folder, you have to open the FiveM application data folder.

If there is already a folder named ‘plug-ins’ inside the FiveM application folder, leave it as it is.

If you don’t find the plug-ins folder, create a new folder and name it ‘plug-ins’. The trainers or the Mods that you download should move into the plug-ins folder automatically.

If it doesn’t, you have to transfer the files manually. Try restarting the server when the installation process is completed. This method can be used to install any Mod menus to FiveM server.

Second Method

The second method is also very similar to the first one. To begin, go to FiveM website and look for the Mods you like to try. When you have found the Mods you’re looking for, download the files. These are usually downloaded in zip files.

After downloading the Mods, open the FiveM directory and look for resources folder and open it. To keep things organized, it is best to add a new folder (this will allow you to get rid of the file easily if something goes wrong, or you don’t like the Mod).

Rename the new folder that you just created. You can name whatever you want, but make sure that the name you use is easy to remember, and use a bracket. For example, the file name must look similar to this [Tommy] Adding a bracket to the folder name eliminates the need to move the files into the resources folder.

Now, move the downloaded files into the new folder you just created. All the files that you move into this folder should be edited. You don’t have to rename the contents, just use the default name, but the file names should begin with a start and space. You can do this with the help of Notepad ++. The edited file should look something like this; start FileName.

That’s it. The Mods should be in the game already. Restart FiveM and see if the Mod menu is working.

Top FiveM trainer add-ons you need to try today

If you’re thinking of creating your own Mods, well someone might have already created it. Thanks to those amazingly talented GTA fans, there is no limit when it comes to FiveM, you can do whatever comes to your mind. There are numerous Mods you can find, so it’s always a good idea to check if there is a similar Mod out there. Here is a list of top Mod menus you should check out.

  1. vSync Server-side trainer – The first one on our list is a very popular and the most common trainer. It is user-friendly and has all the basic information you need to get started. It’s also easy to customize. Here at FiveM Cartel we offer affordable server hosting, you can get the latest version of this trainer with just a few clicks.
  2. JS four-pack – If you want to experience some serious role-play, this Mod is definitely worth trying. With this trainer, you get your own ID, firearm license, and Mobile Dispatch Computer. This Mod is highly recommended for serious players who want to get a feel of hardcore crime role-play.
  3. Bahama Mamas – This trainer allows you to enter those areas in the map that are sealed off in the single-player mode.
  4. ESX Essentials pack – If you’re looking for more GTA 5 adventure, this Mod is all you need. It allows you to play the role of banker, miner, mechanic, and many more. It also features a bank system.

Does Rockstar Games allow the use of Mod menus?

Quite a lot of GTA players in the past were banned from playing the game because of using the Mod menu. Does this mean that Rockstar does not allow the use of the Mod menu? Well, let’s take a look at what you’re permitted to do and what you’re not allowed to do with the Mod menu.

It’s obvious that those players that were banned by Rockstar did violate the terms. They tried to make use of this feature while playing the GTA 5 online. Let’s be clear of one thing, GTA players can use the Mod menu in single-player Mode (offline), and they won’t get into trouble. However, Modding in online or multiplayer Mode is prohibited, and whether the Mod is running or not, you just can’t enter the GTA online when you have Mod menu installed.

If you’re running the game on FiveM server, you don’t have to be concerned about getting banned or whatever. If not, it is best that you stay away from Mod menu although you may be able to use it in the single-player or offline Mode. However, if you still want to try the trainer without the FiveM, you can still do it, but it’s a lot of trouble. In this case, you should always remember to delete all the Mod menu content before launching the GTA online Mode.

As discussed earlier, running the multiplayer or online GTA with the trainer installed on your computer is too risky. So, to stay away from trouble, enable the firewall when using the Mod menu in the single player. If you wish to play online, close the game, remove the trainer files, and proceed with the game.

As you can see, the entire process is nothing but a pain in the butt. To experience more convenient and risk-free gameplay, it’s best to use your own FiveM server. Our server hosting will meet all your gaming needs. We provide maximum protection and incredibly high-performance FiveM server.