Get a Custom FiveM Map

custom made mini map

Get a custom FiveM map designed to your exact needs. The maps in GTA games including FiveM are quintessential for the forward movement of the gameplay. One cannot imagine the game without a minimap at one corner of the screen, speeding out directions, landmarks and targets based on the character. These maps are the factor which has stayed with GTA since the time of its inception.

It is impossible to envision GTA 5 without its map and identifiable features. In the virtual world of gaming, the maps act as the eyes of the gamer. The expert gamer knows the map like the back of his hand employs several strategies to manipulate the game and gameplay to his advantage.

By now, you would have come to know who we are and what we do. For your information, we are FiveM cartel the website solely for GTA 5 online role playing. We have our own RP server hosting which aims to offer you a hassle free gaming experience.

Until now, we have succeeded in doing so and we can proudly declare ourselves as the #1 website for not only GTA 5 role playing, but also custom GTA 5 mods and mod menus. All our mods are well designed and undetectable thus, allowing you to have the gaming of a lifetime.

Play on Custom Roleplay Maps in GTA V

Despite the map being one of the most important assets in the game, no changes are made to the map as the game progresses. This means that, after you get used to the map, it becomes the same boring affair.

Thus, we came up with the idea of providing gamers with custom maps to meet their needs and thus, do away with the stock map. In GTA 5 role playing, you can assume the role any character, however insignificant. This cannot be down without enhancing the map to suit the character.

The stock maps are made for the standard game characters. To get more out the game, you need better character and assorted maps. We provide this service to you. We would like to do it free of cost for people like you, but it is really difficult to offer free service to people on a large scale. Hence, you can avail our custom maps for small amounts.

Advantages of playing on custom maps

The advantages of getting a custom map for yourself is many while the process is simple. Inclusion of new maps allows imagination to go to town on the gameplay. Moreover, it can include more interesting landmarks, buildings and other structures.

The basic ingredient, when we create a map is your ideas. You are the one, who decides what kind of map you want and we will design it for you. The custom maps do not affect your gaming ability or the game engine adversely. Rather, it is an opportunity to try out new avenues in the game itself.

It is a chance to do more and embrace technology while others spend their time on repeatedly playing the stock version of the game. You can't criticize the stock map completely, but having extra options is always better, isn't it?