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Create a custom made FiveM loading screen

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Get an original loading screen for roleplay server

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Get a Custom Made FiveM Loading Screen

Get a custom loading screen for FiveM, designed just how you want it. You can also add background music/sound to your loading screen.

To many people, the initial scene of the game increases their interest to play the particular game enormously. The initial screen on any game is the loading screen. GTA games especially have bland cartoon like loading screens. Even after being the latest version of the GTA franchise, GTA 5/FiveM has the same problem.

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custom loading screen with background music for FiveM RP
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To rectify this is beyond the hands of the normal gamer. Still, we people love changes immensely. We desperately wish for our games to transform into dreamlike fantasies. Respecting this wish of many gamers, we at FiveM cartel strive to bring forward new changes to game aspects to make it more appealing to the user/gamer. Our dedicated professionals ensure that the latest gaming technology reaches you at the lowest expenses possible.

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Why You Should Get A Custom Loading Screen Script

The major advantage of installing mods in your game is the fresh and higher level of gaming experience available.

Once you install any mod or trainer in your stock game, notwithstanding what kind of gamer you are, you are in for a completely new lease of life in the gaming community. As we notified you previously, FiveM cartel is the number one place and a one stop destination for GTA 5 role playing.

The website exists for the sole purpose of GTA 5 online role playing along with a wide and vibrant range of loading screen customizations. The customizations we offer are many. From the smaller details like sounds and clothing to custom frameworks, all the types of custom mods are available at our website.

Creating all this stuff requires a lot of time and resources. To make our ends meet, we are forced to levy small charges for the services we have to offer.

Amazing Design

As mentioned above, one of our most loved custom mod is the loading screen customization. When somebody opens the game, they have to spend a particular amount of time ranging from seconds to minutes on the loading screen itself. This time is very frustrating for most gamers. So, we decided to make this waiting period more interesting.

We customize the loading screen in such a way that, it changes from one time to another. It is also designed in such a way to help the user maintain an interest in the game. The chief advantage of having a custom loading screen is, well the visual gratification of having one.

Our custom loading screens can be done and set up according to the interest of the user. Based on the user interest, the type and layout of the loading screen are customized.