About us

FiveM Cartel is a GTA 5 role-playing website where the best players come together to have an amazing experience. It is the ultimate website that caters to Grand Theft Auto 5 Role playing. Here, you will find everything you need to excel in role-playing and establish your credibility in the game.

As the number 1 site dedicated to GTA 5 role playing, we offer the best features, including a server, options to customize everything that you ever want, mod menu, and a wide range of resources.

What can you expect from FiveM Cartel?

We are aware of the stiff competition for the best servers for role playing in GTA 5. This is why we do not take anything at face value.

The best server hosting

We offer the best in server hosting that is equipped with the best compatibility, speed, and protection.

Another great feature that you can expect from us is the throwaway price to rent the server. At $5 per month, you will not see such a competitive price anywhere else on the market.

Of course, we also have the best FiveM Mod menu, which you can download to take your game to the next level. With the ability to spawn vehicles and weapons, there is nothing too big for you to achieve.

Have fun while communicating

A great feature that we are confident you will love is the voice chat. It is an amazing way to take your game to new dimensions. You can join the community without additional software. Using it is very straightforward, so you won’t have a problem even if you are a first-timer.

If you do not enjoy the voice chat option, you can still have the option to use text chat, as well. Communicating with your community and other players has never been more fun!

Drugs, guns, and gangs

None of these are recommended in the real world, of course.

But who says you cannot act out your wildest fantasies through GTA 5 Role Playing? Whether you get high off of shooting the loudest and sharpest weapons, or you have wanted to be a drug lord, have them fulfilled here at FiveM Cartel.

If it has been a dream of yours to be a Law Enforcement Officer, get into the role of police or the county sheriff. Perhaps you have wanted to know what it feels like to be a milkman or a garbage man; you can become one in the county of Los Santos.

From an ordinary driver to the top boss of an established business, the opportunities for role playing using our custom scripts are endless. You will also meet people from all walks of life in this fantastical world, and they will enrich your experience even more.

The only word of caution we would add is to be smart. This is especially true if you are on the other side of the law. Be careful that you don’t get caught, or you will have to do time in the prison, much like in real life.

If you are ready to start, you can download FiveM and start role playing!