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Welcome to FiveM Cartel - Dedicated to GTA 5 role-playing

FiveM Cartel was conceived with the sole purpose to satiate the desires of FiveM lovers. We combine excellence in technology with the love of playing a multiplayer game. We pride ourselves on the fact that we are the number 1 preferred website for Grand Theft Auto 5 role-playing.

FiveM Server Hosting

Our premium hosting is dedicated to giving you the best GTA 5 experience online. With features such as unlimited bandwidth, DDoS protection, FiveM Mods installation, and compatibility with Windows and Linux operating systems, it is truly unrivaled in the industry.

FiveM Mod Menu

The mod menu trainer on our website is undetectable and loaded with features that will transform your gaming experience and take you to the next level. The features include voice chat notifications, player and map blips, teleportation, spawning weapons, and vehicles, displaying the name of the player along with their weapons and status of their health.

Extensive list of resources

We also have an extensive list of resources for you in our inventory. These resources are the ultimate tools for adding more fun and thrill to your role playing. Some of these are:

  • Fire scripts
  • CIV Toolbox
  • Area of Patrol
  • Emergency Lighting System or ELS
  • Speed Limit

You can read more in detail in the resources section on our website.

Customization Scripts

At FiveM Cartel, we understand that half the thrill of GTA 5 RP comes from customization. This is the reason why we have the best customization options for our clients and customers. Players can make the game truly personal by using the following customization options:

FiveM Cartel Roleplay Site for Grand Theft Auto V

Why We're the #1 FiveM Website

FiveM cartel is the #1 website for GTA 5 role playing. With our dedicated server plans, undetectable trainers and personalized custom mods your gaming is going to take an u-turn for the better. To make GTA 5 more interesting and fast paced than usual, the concept of role playing was introduced.

In roleplaying, the gamer can take the role of any minor character in the game. You be a crime boss or a chef and continue playing the game according to your personal storyline. This will bring more thrills to the game and provides a fresh breakaway from the routine career mode.

Sounds fun right? But, you cannot do all this on your own. This is because, to play custom versions of GTA 5, you need to a host a server. Our cheap plans can handle a lot of traffic than normal multiplaying servers. This can provide you with a silky smooth gaming performance.

Moreover, we also provide customization options. You can add your personal touch to the game. One of the customizations we offer is that of a custom launcher.

Why Choose FiveM Cartel?

On our website, you can experience the real thrill of role-playing mods online. Our dedicated server is among the best that you can find anywhere on the internet. This is a platform where you can recreate the authentic experience of GTA through the online mode.

Here, you have the opportunity to develop your experience by making it truly personalized. You can achieve this through the use of custom scripts, maps, cars, clothing, and many more.

You can also use our Mod Menu, which is a trainer that is undetectable. Our server is a state of the art which provides smooth and fast gaming experience you will find nowhere else. Playing with other players from Los Santos has never been easier when you come into the world of FiveM Cartel.

Do you love the adrenaline rush of racing like the wind? Or do you get high off of role playing and living your wildest fantasies? Or do you love the cold hard cash that you receive as you accumulate the number of your kills by playing Deathmatches? We have it all for you.

What's FiveM & GTA V Role-Playing?

Role playing in GTA 5 is a very popular phenomenon that has received a lot of attention in the gaming world. A number of top streamers on the popular gaming channel Twitch, such as Lirik, Thadrius, Katie, and AbdulHD streaming it has also added steam to its popularity.

Of course, there are a lot of Grand Auto Theft fans who also part take in this iconic game. However, if you are not sure that role play in GTA 5 is, or how to really go about it, this is for you.

Role play or GTA 5 RP is one of the mods in Grand Auto Theft 5 on PC. It is a multiplayer mod where you can play out our wildest and most outlandish dreams that involves cars and weapons, among others.

But there is a catch.

Role playing can only be accessed through Grand Theft Multi-player and FiveM. In other words, you need to be hooked up to a dedicated server such as FiveM Cartel in order to be able to play it.

Once you are on one of these dedicated servers, you can either request an invite to start role playing or prove your worth by exhibiting your exceptional skills at GTA 5.

The options that you have while role playing is limitless. You can be a criminal gang leader or simply a chauffeur, something that is completely different from your normal character.

The idea is to step outside of your comfort or normal character and have the most fun while keeping up with the rules of the server.